Project 366–Day 8



Day 8: Picture

That’s me, second row, all the way to the left.

Tonight I went to a Holiday Bowling party that my managers had arranged for all the employees of the pub where I work. Initially, I was really excited to go, but then I found out that none of the girls I was really close with, were able to go. I decided to go anyway because I had already mentioned to my manager that I would be there. Also, it never hurts to create friendships with my other coworkers.

I am SO SO SO glad I went. It was an awesome night filled with bowling [horribly on my part], drinks, and laughter. After the women running the bowling alley turned down the music, turned up the lights, and started sweeping the other lanes [essentially kicking us out], we decided to go back to the pub for some more drinks.

At the beginning of the night, I felt like I was on the outskirts, like I didn’t really belong. By the end, though, these girls made me feel like I was just another part of the group.

I still wish that some of my faves had been there, but it was a great night regardless.



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