The Joker.


So there’s this guy…

To respect his privacy, we’ll call him The Joker, or TJ. Now, my ‘relationship’ with him is something I never expected. I guess it can’t really be considered a relationship. It was more of a flirty friendship. Even so, it totally caught me off guard. The first reason being, when I met him, I thought he was married. The second reason being, he’s thirteen years older than me. We met at an engagement party for my cousin and his cousin, for whom I was going to be a bridesmaid [the wedding was called off]. Our interactions began with him, for some reason, suggesting that his cousin give her bridesmaids shake weights as a bridal party gift. I protested and the conversation went like this:

Me: If I get a shake weight from her as a bridal party gift, I’m coming to beat you up.

TJ: Oh, yeah? I think you’d have to use the shake weight first.

Me: Oh, I could take you.

TJ: You wanna take this outside?

Me: Eh, maybe later.

We joked about it the rest of the night, he nicknamed me shake weights, got two of my cousins to put me in their phones as shake weights, and his girlfriend [who I though was his wife] was there the entire time. The party ended, and I thought that was the last I would hear from him until it got closer to the wedding. Totally innocent.

A month and a half later, I get a message from TJ asking how I am. It started out innocently enough, until I began to pick up on some serious flirting. We cleared up the fact that he was no longer attached to anyone and decided we would work towards being actual friends, but the flirting never stopped.

Now, I never planned on this turning into anything bigger than a flirty friendship. But, he made me feel amazing. The flirting got more and more serious. I still don’t think I want a relationship with him, but I’ve definitely grown to care about him. It was nice to have someone so interested in me. For instance, one night he had been drinking with his cousin after a particularly hard day and this is just one of the amazingly sweet things he said to me:

TJ: I wish I hadn’t been drinking tonight so I could come to whereever you are and kiss you goodnight.

Me: Babe, I live a good forty minutes from where you are right now.

TJ: So, it would totally be worth it if I could just hold you right now.

And as I fell asleep that night, I found myself wishing he could come kiss me goodnight.

I haven’t heard from him in over a week and now I’m worried about him. But, we’ll consider that ‘To Be Continued…’



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