Thompson Square is pure genius. They are this lovely couple whose songs include “Let’s Fight”, “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not”, and “Glass”. Those are just a few of my favorites. Glass inspired the name of my blog and the tag line. The original lyrics are ‘we may shine, we may shatter, …. , ’cause we are glass.’

However, at the moment, I am not a we. So, I changed it up a little bit. I hope they don’t mind.

“I’ll let you look inside me, through the stains and through the cracks, and in the darkness of this moment, you see the good and bad.”

I want the kind of love where I can trust him enough to open myself completely. To let him look inside me, in every part of me.

“We might be oil and water, this could be a big mistake, we might burn like gasoline and fire, but it’s a chance we’ll have to take.”

I don’t take many chances, so I want a love that’s worth it. I want someone to make me want to risk the pain of heartache, so that I can feel, even if it’s just for a moment.

I want epic love.

I’ll wait.



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